Controlling Periodical Literature in Higher Education Libraries in Sierra Leone

At the Standard Conference of UNESCO held in Paris, france on 19th Late, 1964, it has been agreed that “a publication is the periodical whether it constituted one issue in the continuous series under the same title” (Norman, 2008). Supporting this kind of notion, a periodical literature is released at regular time periods over an everlasting period, individual issues inside the series becoming unnumbered. On this specific note, a regular literature is really a distribution with a distinctive title which shows up at stated or perhaps regular intervals without prior decision regarding when the last issue shall show up. It has articles, reports, or other documents by several contributors. Periodical literature is definitely used in its less wide sense as implying transactions and percentages of societies, daily newspapers magazines, scholarly journals, trade journals, review journals. Such as most underdeveloped in addition to developing countries on the planet inadequate funding of higher education libraries within Sierra Leone reflects on poorly developed periodical literature collection and thus ineffective information service is provided to the dissatisfaction of consumers. Based on the value for research work in typically the academia, managing periodical literature in increased education libraries inside Sierra Leone should be the need to have for an amount of standard periodical literature inside academic libraries is necessary.


Sierra Leone functions a 6-3-3-4 system of education are subdivided into six(6) years at the principal level, three(3) many years with the Junior Supplementary level, three(3) from the Senior Second level, and also a minimum of four(4) many years at the tertiary level. This sub-division allows the rendering of curriculum that will takes account associated with the different pupils more fully. The overall aim of education policy in Serranía Leone is to be able to provide every little one with an education which takes totally into an accounts: character development: their interest ability plus aptitude; his emotional, psychological and actual physical well-being; the staff members needs of the particular country; the similar importance of the two academic and non-academic education; the require for a literature and numerate people.; the economic assets of the point out, so that his education can be of use towards the country and with the same moment provide opportunities regarding him to end up being successful in life.

Higher education is post-secondary education and learning given in the university, college or perhaps polytechnique and is definitely the stage regarding specialisation. The desired goals of higher education and learning vary according to be able to the institution plus course of study but generally include the particular acquisition physical in addition to intellectual skills necessary for the development of both person and his modern society. In Sierra Leone, higher educational corporations form the basis involving educational advancement using the completion of secondary education. Larger education is considered the most effective means altering the outlook of men and women by way of the broadening of their horizon. Societal enhancement to a large extent is dependent in the human useful resource empowerment and development. Against this background, increased language schools play the pivotal role inside developing the man resource to lead positively and meaningfully to the socio-economic, political and informative progress Sierra Leone.

Higher educational institutions in Sierra Leone are the College of Sierra Leone, Ernest Bai Koroma University and Njala University which are state owned and even University of Makeni and Limkonwong University or college which can be private possessed. احسن جامعة فى مصر within the University associated with Sierra Leone consist of Fourah Bay College(FBC), Institute of General public Administration and Management(IPAM) and College regarding Medicine and Allied Health Science(COMAHS); Bo Campus and Njala University. The greater academic institutions of school status include Milton Margai College associated with Education and Technologies; Eastern Polytechnigue; Bonthe Polytechnique; Freetown Educator. Port Loko Instructors College and these kinds of offer courses major to being diplomas and Certificate. In the contrary, typically the state-owned and individual -owned universities present Certificates, Diploma, Undergraduate and postgraduate diploma courses in numerous procedures in the school of their respective institutions. The curricula differs from company to institution and even curricula and shows that require the make use of of periodical literature include medicine, regulation, engineering, education, cultivation, arts and humanities, social sciences, natural and applied sciences, technology, management and even administration. To a greater extent, the particular Central Government, via subventions funds with regard to higher language schools to be able to enhance their smooth-running, even though many donor agencies do render financial assistance to these organizations in addition in order to internal funds generated by them.


Libraries are storage info and information will be such an important commodity that its immense contribution to national development can not be underestimated. Higher training libraries are the nerve centres associated with all academic pursuits. This simply means that these libraries help the teaching/learning and analysis programmes of the parent institutions by providing the necessary information services regarding undergraduate and postgraduate students, teaching staff members, researchers, administrative and technical staff. Successful academic work will be dependent on quality information service plus the library plays a substantial role in this particular regard. In accordance with Frederick Ken Nicol information is an significant source used by simply organisations to provide correct product or providers to customers(2011 l. 64). In this particular vein, higher education libraries manage information to satisfactorily meet typically the need of their own clientele. Thus, data needs to end up being planned for inside the same way that human and even financial resources are planned to make certain increased productivity plus efficient service delivery. Therefore, academic libraries like all other organisations that have thought out and even systematic information organizing process stand out there to benefit more all those that usually do not. Well-planned and organised details enhances effective service delivery.

Degree libraries in Sierra Leone support study, local community development and supplement the teaching/learning techniques in their particular parent institutions. On this factor, good management better education libraries may be the organisations and maintenance of your well-balanced plus vibrant collection within ensuring that the information needs of customers are satisfactorily fulfilled. The different choices stocked in these kinds of institutions include although not limited to standard book collection about all disciplines in order to loan by consumers out of the particular library building, specialist collection, reference selection and periodical books along with the quantum of their contents is dependent on the dimensions of the selection and its loyal. Developing and keeping a well-stocked series as well since recruiting and leaving you competent and experienced staff is essentially centered on the monetary strength of typically the library. Therefore academic libraries need in order to be prioritised by their parent bodies in terms of annual budget authorization and allocations for his or her effective operations.

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